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Compounding Services


Hormone levels decline with age leading to fatigue, weight gain, hot flashes, thinning skin, irregular sleep, decreased libido, depression, and more. With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), we can help you combat these changes.


For pets, we can formulate tablets and capsules into chewable treats in a variety of pet-friendly flavors such as, chicken, beef, liver, or cod. This means easier administration and reward all in one!


Some medication may not be easy for children to take. We can flavor any medication or provide a liquid formulation that your child will like. We also offer medicated lollipops or pacifiers to treat oral conditions at the site or an easy form to take as needed.


There are many medications, vitamins, and nutrients that our pharmacy can incorporate into topical preparations not found over the counter. Treatment targets include wounds, scars, wrinkles, and more.

Pain management

Oral pain management has many associated risks and side effects such as dependence development and constipation. Using topical medications can reduce dependence, drowsiness, and associated gastrointestinal issues.

Mens Health

As functional medicine specialists we offer many options for erectile dysfunction (ED) such as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and specially compounded ED medication formulations.

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